Our Classrooms

Our  Nursery room (where our trees are born) is for children ages 6 weeks through 12 months. As our trees begin to grow, toddlers are transitioned to our Sprouts room  for children ages 12 months through 24 months where we find a message in the mess they make! Our Saplings  room for children 24 months through 3 years where we learn more about the world around us and our language begins to explode!  Great Oaks for children 3 to 5 years. All our classrooms have small class sizes with two teachers per room. Each classroom has an emergency exit that leads directly to their own individual playground. All our lead teachers have degrees in education.


6 weeks old - 13 months old

Our littlest learners are loved and nurtured each day while we follow their own individual schedules.  Through snuggles and lullabies as well as playtime on the floor, we engage our babies in meaningful learning opportunities.

The nurturing teachers in our Nursery room encourage children 6 weeks to 13 months to learn to smile, sit up unsupported, hold their own bottle, roll over, crawl, cruise, babble, begin using some spoken words such as mama, dada and hold small objects using a pincer grip.

12 months - 24 months

As our babies grow into Toddlers, we begin adding more structure to the routine of the day. In this room, the children transition from their own individual schedules to set meal and naptimes.

We typically see a language explosion in this room as the Toddlers learn that words have meaning. Our teachers will label their actions and the actions of their friends as we look to build their communication skills and independence.



24 months - 3 years old

The wonderful world of Twos leads us to the Saplings room where we will identify 5 colors, count to 5, take turns, follow 1 step directions, identify name and toilet train.

Our patient teachers recognize that the budding independence of two year olds also adds frustration to their learning as they figure out how the world works. We will guide them while praising their efforts at trying new things.

3 years - 5 years old

The Great Oaks recognize and identify 8 colors, begin to draw and recognize 4 shapes, identify numbers 1-10, understand spatial concepts such as near, far, over and under, catch a ball, express feelings verbally, clean up after themselves, understand and follow two step directions, recognize and write simple words, write first and last name and use scissors without guidance.

Great Oaks

Primary Caregiving

While we boast smaller classroom sizes, it is important for us to develop trusting relationships with our families and children. While the teaching teams work together for the overall classroom, each teacher has a smaller group of children within the classroom that they are matched with and responsible for. This provides a consistent person to share information with parents and family members; one who truly knows your child.